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Microwave Hunting: The Many Misadventures

Microwave Hunting: The Many Misadventures

Let me start out by saying Sears and Walmart suck.

My day started out like any other, and yet somehow this object, that most take for granted, almost beat me.

A few weeks prior my mom’s microwave basically exploded – that was a god awful smell. My mom, being a certain type of person, decided she did not need a new microwave. Her reasons were “it was too big”, “I hate using it”, “we don’t need one “….

For the first few days it was fine then it started getting harder and harder to keep meals hot until dad came home, and finally my mom caved and said she needed a microwave. I went online and purchased her one from Walmart.

Big mistake.

The minute it arrived at the door the boxed looked beat up, and then when I opened it, the top of the microwave was bashed in. Looking back, I guess the UPS guy ringing the door bell and basically running back to his truck should have been a dead giveaway.

So, I returned it to my closest Walmart. That was fun. First I was in the “wrong” line ( totally was not marked right). Then the lady tells me it will take 7 business day for the money to return to my card, but I could get a gift card so I can purchase another microwave at Walmart. Ugh, no. I want my money back on my card – thank you. But, I guess she is required to ask me a couple dozen times before she believes me.

Once I wrangled my own money back from the determined sales person, I went in search of another microwave. Finding the right aisle was hard enough ( there is no rhyme or reason to how our Walmart is set up), then I reach the right location and what do I find? About 25 boxed microwaves that look like they have been dropped kicked by a giant, but don’t worry the boxes were taped back together – no one will notice.

Major bust at Walmart.

On to Target.

Nope, not happening there either.

Then I look at Sears online, and find the perfect one within my budget. We call the local Sears, and the nice lady on the phone said they have many of those in the store, and plenty in the color we want. Nothing could go wrong.

Great! So my dad and I head down to Sears.

The second we walk into the building no less than 5 sales associates are playing on their phones ignoring us. They ended up having microwaves in many places around the store, one looked like the microwave we were looking for, but the price tag said $15 more than the one online. Finally we convince a sales person to help us, and he says they have NO microwaves like that in the building. I argued with him saying we called first, but he adamantly said they have do not have this microwave in the building.

Ok, well then I take him over to some other corner with microwaves, and ask him to tell me the difference between the one that looks like the microwave I want, but is more expensive (because the numbers match). He said it was not the cheaper microwave. I asked why. He then goes” well, ok, let me check”. Low and behold that was the cheaper one ( but they have NOOOOO microwaves like that in the building).

I am an expert microwave hunter.

Then the guy tries to convince me to leave the microwave, that I had been looking for all day, on the self, and let the loading guys put in my car ( which I would have to drive around the building and find a parking space in back to receive).


Well, I said no thank you ( which I had to repeat 6 times because he kept asking me if I was sure), and pick up the box and started walking towards the register.

The new microwave is now safely home, and so far has not exploded.

This is one of the many reasons I hate Walmart and Sears, and yet there are just some things I can’t get at Target.

What are the places you dread shopping at? Any urban hunting stories of your own?

Or, better yet – Why do people eat chicken wings ( at $2.99 a lb at that) when they could have a drum stick with more meat on it ( I get then for 49 ¢ a lb. California raised to boot)?

I was just wondering.