“Big” Announcement Parties

This week was very busy, so instead of a full blown article I am going to rant for a sec.

Here goes:

“Big” Announcement parties can suck!

You know when someone tells you they have a big announcement, and they build it up to be some monumental decision over days, weeks, or months ( yes, you should be reading this in deep movie trailer man voice). Then they finally tell you the “Big” news at the party, and the announcement is ……………. they decided to wear red on Tuesday.

What! Do you know what “BIG announcement” means? because ” I don’t think it means what you think it means“, and yes it’s ok to ask if they’ve seen the six fingered man, and have an overwhelming urge to say ” You killed my father. Prepare to die”. Inigo Montoya’s would be proud I tell you – proud.

Back to the topic at hand.

Once this announcement takes place, there is a quiet that settles over the room for just about a half second too long. Then some lemming inevitably starts cheering and the crowed goes wild. The sheople mentality has always baffled and mesmerized me.

I am all for celebrating the little things in life, but let the celebration be equal to the occasion you are celebrating. Otherwise, no amount of stale food and beer is going to salvage that kind of epic let down.

Tell me, have you ever encountered this? Someone who makes a big deal about something that happens all the time? Like, why would you celebrate that? Heck let’s start a hashtag ( no one reads this blog anyways, so I am not expecting much from this buttttt…).


Ok, that hashtag is a million miles long.

So, now I know I suck at making them.

Always good to know your limits, but will that stop me – nope!

How about #notworthcelebrating?

Still too long?

Ok, how about just #why?

So what are your “why would you celebrate that, not worth celebrating, and /or why” moments?
Does this strange occurrence annoy you as much as does me? Probably not.

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